The Most Famous Tourist Destinations in Australia

Tourism has become an integral portion of the economy in Australia. The sector brings in a lot of income to the country each year. Australia has unique coastlines, exotic wildlife and incredible landscapes that make it the major holiday destination across the world. Here are some major destinations for holidays.

Cradle Mountain

The mountain is located in Tasmania with different rock formations, a diversity of both animals and the plants and the beautiful landscapes. Another feature that makes it more attractive is the Lake St Clair situated within the mountain. This is considered as the deepest freshwater across Australia. There are rare types of animals as well as plants, along with the structure of this mountain.

Bondi Beach

The beach is one kilometre long and attracts many visitors round the year. It offers special areas for swimming, sunbathing as well as surfing. There are trainers with vast experience along this beach that assist tourists without surfing experience. Near the beach are beautiful restaurants that have the most delicious seafood.

Kakadu National Park

The park is situated in the northern sector of Australia in a city known as Darwin. It is famous for the indigenous cultural sites as well as a habitat for various kinds of plants and amazing birds. The view at the Jim Jim falls enhance the beauty of the place with rocks that age up to 20000 years, offering captivating facts of the aboriginal existence.

Great Barrier Reef

This reef is known as the biggest reef in the world included in the seven natural phenomena. It is a well-known spot in Australia that attracts more than 2 million tourists each year. The ridge expands up to 2300 kilometres with around 2900 reef systems. In the coral reef, there are numerous species of sea turtles, molluscs, whales, dolphins. Cruises, boats with glass bottoms, helicopters and submarines are used to entertain the visitors.